Thursday, 27 July 2017

Parts and System Failures

Videos showing what happens when things break and perhaps what you should do about it.


Timing chain guide failure on a Nissan 3.5 V6 is a common thing. Here is a demonstration and explanation as to what is going on.


A thermostat that has completely fallen apart can lead to over-cooling. This is a problem in the winter time when you need your heater to work, not to mention it’s really bad for your fuel economy.


A bad wheel bearing makes an unmistakable noise.


If you know how to perform an old fashioned power balance test you might be able to fix a misfire in no time.


A truck with a four-wheel drive system that doesn’t work is useless around these parts. Here’s how to find a problem.


Most of the time when you get a strange noise at engine start-up it’s caused by a bad starter. Here is an example of what’s going on in this situation.


A manual transmission that pops out of gear has some broken parts on the inside.

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