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Minding Your Maintenance

Proper engine maintenance requires that oil be changed every three months or three thousand miles. This is what we have all been told from the moment dad first gave us

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The Magical Mystical Flat Plane Crank

The 2015 Ford Mustang is causing a lot of buzz in the world of motor heads for all the usual reasons. Whether you’re talking Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger, anytime one

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Best Cars Ever: Toyota Corolla

In 1968 Toyota introduced a new car to the U.S. market, that like other cars in the Toyota line up used a version of the word “crown” for its name.

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Who’s Driving This Thing Anyway?

Much has been said lately about the possibility of autonomous cars on the highways and city streets. For many people turning the chore of driving over to a computer frees

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Deceptive Lights: The Battery Light

Dash lights that mysteriously and randomly illuminate mean things. What they mean is almost never what you might assume and without a little bit of knowledge about what the intention

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Minivan Vs. The World

A common debate in households everywhere, once a few kids are born, is minivan or SUV? When using the term SUV it is worth mentioning that the SUVs referenced here

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Total Engine Efficiency

Many things go into the design of an engine. Engineers must consider what kind of vehicle will use the engine, and this means everything from, how heavy the car will

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Laughing Gas and Horsepower

Nitrous oxide is an interesting chemical. Sometimes referred to as N2O or NOS, it is essentially two nitrogen atoms bonded to an oxygen atom. If you go to the dentist

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The Minivans of SEMA

I believe it’s high time we connect the moms of this world with the SEMA Show. The truth is that all people in the first world care deeply about cars.

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