Thursday, 27 July 2017

Lamborghini 50th Anniversary in Bologna, Italy

Spring of 2013 the Grande Giro celebration tour of Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary made their final stop in Bologna, Italy. Lamborghinis from all over the world were there in every shape and size. I was not there but I had some family in Italy at the time who thought it might be a good idea to check it all out. My brother-in-law took it one step further and thought it would be a good idea to take a ton of pictures. What an inspired man!

He subsequently let me have copies of them all so I could bring them to you. Most of these should be pretty self explanatory for the average car nut. These beauties were all lined up on the Piazza Maggiore in downtown Bologna. Is there a better place to see a Lamborghini than in the place of it’s birth?


Not too often do you see an Espada parked next to a Miura, parked next to a Miura, parked next to a 350 GT.


The 350 GT convertible on the left is the personal car of Valentino Balboni, Lamborghini’s famed test driver. He restored that car himself, and it is one of only two ever built. He was at the festival reminiscing amongst all the cars that he had driven over the years. They figure he has driven 80% of all Lambos ever built. If only my father-in-law had know all this he might have taken a close up.


Miura. What an amazing thing to look at.


Countach. The poster car of my childhood.


The 1964 350 GT driven in from France. Don’t worry the tranny only went out in it once along the way.


Is there a crazier Lamborghini than the Espada?


Aventador, modern Lambo muscle.


A race-ready Mucielago. that thing looks good sitting down low.


So many raging bulls!


It’s all about the doors, or at least it was when I was a kid.


Hot pink Diablo!


A great looking Aventador.


Looking over the most serious part of an Aventador


The Diablo was the poster on my wall heading into adulthood. Because even adults can have cool car posters.


Miura, fantastic from any angle. Very hard to say this is not the best Lamborghini ever.


The yellow one in the middle appears to be the Lamborghini Cala concept. Designed by Giugiaro in 1995, only one was built. This is the only shot I have of this car from the event. That’s okay, I’ll take it.


A very rare Jarama from the early 70’s a little over 300 were made.


A Gallardo that appears to be made from graph paper.


An LM002 in the back. That would be the white SUV in case you didn’t know. Lamborghini gets a little crazy at times and builds weird stuff like this. This is the only one I could see in any of the pictures.


Gallardo Superleggera


Something altogether satisfying about seeing these cars in their native habitat.


Background cars: on the right of the Miura is a very rare Islero, on the left a Jarama.


350 GT. On the right in the back is a Silhouette, one of a few Lamborghinis that is not named after something not related to bull fighting.

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