Personal Reflections

Thoughts on a subject that are overloaded with opinion.

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Where Are the Car Guys?

Anyone who has read much of my writings knows that I am a car guy in the most stereotypical way that any man can be such. I like looking at

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Four-Wheel Drive in the Snow

With slippery roads around us we must be careful when we travel by car. Nothing is worse than the problems slippery roads can cause. Getting stuck on a slick spot

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Best Cars Ever: Toyota Corolla

In 1968 Toyota introduced a new car to the U.S. market, that like other cars in the Toyota line up used a version of the word “crown” for its name.

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Minivan Vs. The World

A common debate in households everywhere, once a few kids are born, is minivan or SUV? When using the term SUV it is worth mentioning that the SUVs referenced here

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Automotive Thanksgiving

At this time of Thanksgiving I have been reflecting upon the things for which I am thankful. Since my mind always runs through ideas that are related to the automotive

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Your Wife’s Ride

The following post might not be serious, but then again maybe it is. Maybe it is something from a guy who knows exactly what he is talking about or maybe

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The Tesla Dealership Debacle

We all know that Tesla Motors is a different kind of company. All you need to do is look at the products they sell to realize they at not like