Makes and Models

Things related to specific makes and their many models.

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The Magical Mystical Flat Plane Crank

The 2015 Ford Mustang is causing a lot of buzz in the world of motor heads for all the usual reasons. Whether you’re talking Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger, anytime one

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Best Cars Ever: Toyota Corolla

In 1968 Toyota introduced a new car to the U.S. market, that like other cars in the Toyota line up used a version of the word “crown” for its name.

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The Minivans of SEMA

I believe it’s high time we connect the moms of this world with the SEMA Show. The truth is that all people in the first world care deeply about cars.

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Two Sides of Honda Civic

Watching this new video from Honda is a MUST! Honda has not been the same old Honda for many years. They still build cars that people want to buy, but

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Best Cars Ever: Ford F-Series

Once again we face a topic that can be very controversial. Which cars are the best cars ever made? Like the topic of the worst cars ever made there are