Automotive Maintenance

Taking care of your car or truck is a must.

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The Rubber that Meets the Road

Saying that tires come in all shapes and sizes, isn’t exactly right. They do come in all sorts of sizes but the shapes are pretty much the same. Round with

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The Basic Oil Change

No matter how great our modern cars and trucks get, the basic oil change will never go away. As long as we use internal combustion engines, the basic oil change

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Minding Your Maintenance

Proper engine maintenance requires that oil be changed every three months or three thousand miles. This is what we have all been told from the moment dad first gave us

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Let the Manual Be Your Guide

Believe it or not, the owner’s manual that comes with your vehicle actually contains a great deal of useful information. Many times people skip the instruction book that comes with

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How Many Broken Cars?

Lots, both literally and figuratively. The Car Care Council is a nonprofit organization made up of automotive service experts, dedicated to making sure people have as much information as possible

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When the Fluid Goes Away

Like any responsible car owner you check your fluids regularly, at least every month or so or maybe before a long road trip. Maybe you don’t really know how to

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Keeping Your Cool

Green used to be the standard. Then orange became a common color for some cars. Yellow is now very common, but what about other colors like blue, purple, red, and

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Repairs That Can Wait

Just about every time you take your car into the shop to get some problem diagnosed, the result is nearly always something that you will feel compelled to have repaired

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Repair or Replace

You take your car to the mechanic to get that check engine light problem fixed. Perhaps for the third time in as many months, and you find out that fixing