Engine Performance

All things related to engine performance.

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Forced Air and the Future

Nothing like a little mouth to mouth to get you breathing deep Forced induction. These two words together can make a grown man salivate in a way that not many

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Compounding the Solution

Any real motor-head out there has heard of compound turbos, and chances are most of them will think it’s a fantastic thing. If one turbo is good, two turbos is

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Total Engine Efficiency

Many things go into the design of an engine. Engineers must consider what kind of vehicle will use the engine, and this means everything from, how heavy the car will

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Laughing Gas and Horsepower

Nitrous oxide is an interesting chemical. Sometimes referred to as N2O or NOS, it is essentially two nitrogen atoms bonded to an oxygen atom. If you go to the dentist

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OBD 2 is Not a Star Wars Character

Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, someone thought it would be a good idea to start putting computers in cars to control all of the various systems. This

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O2 for You

Oxygen sensors are by far one of the most important sensors used to control the engine. This sensor does just what the name implies, it senses oxygen but specifically it