Electronic Systems

When a computer is involved it’s electronic.

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The Revolutionary Wheel Speed Sensor

For being something that is seemingly boring and rather mundane, the wheel speed sensor is ingenious. This little device has made possible the innovation of many of the modern vehicle

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Modern Automotive Radio

In the past, the subject of car radio meant one thing, the device that played music for all the passengers to enjoy. If you think this is still the only

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Who’s Driving This Thing Anyway?

Much has been said lately about the possibility of autonomous cars on the highways and city streets. For many people turning the chore of driving over to a computer frees

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OBD 2 is Not a Star Wars Character

Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, someone thought it would be a good idea to start putting computers in cars to control all of the various systems. This

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O2 for You

Oxygen sensors are by far one of the most important sensors used to control the engine. This sensor does just what the name implies, it senses oxygen but specifically it