Automotive Systems

The eight primary systems that make up the automobile.

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The Revolutionary Wheel Speed Sensor

For being something that is seemingly boring and rather mundane, the wheel speed sensor is ingenious. This little device has made possible the innovation of many of the modern vehicle

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4WD v. AWD

If all the wheels are pushing, what’s the difference? When the SUV craze first began back in the mid 90’s, nearly every single new SUV offering, from every manufacturer, had

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Mind Your Binders

Many different vehicle systems could be classified as important, but there is only one system that must work perfectly every time or else serious property damage and injury is likely

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Forced Air and the Future

Nothing like a little mouth to mouth to get you breathing deep Forced induction. These two words together can make a grown man salivate in a way that not many

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Deceptive Lights: Brake Light

Every car on the road for the last several decades has come equipped with some kind of brake indicator light in the instrument cluster. This light typically says something like

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Tech Tips: Voltage Drop Testing

Voltage drop testing is a fundamental test for diagnosing electrical circuit performance. This is the most important test that can be used for checking the integrity of electrical wiring and

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The Rubber that Meets the Road

Saying that tires come in all shapes and sizes, isn’t exactly right. They do come in all sorts of sizes but the shapes are pretty much the same. Round with

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Modern Automotive Radio

In the past, the subject of car radio meant one thing, the device that played music for all the passengers to enjoy. If you think this is still the only