Alternative Fuel Technology

Keep your eye on alternative fuels as they become more mainstream.

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Compounding the Solution

Any real motor-head out there has heard of compound turbos, and chances are most of them will think it’s a fantastic thing. If one turbo is good, two turbos is

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The Tesla Dealership Debacle

We all know that Tesla Motors is a different kind of company. All you need to do is look at the products they sell to realize they at not like

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Plug-In to Better Fuel Economy

Hybrid vehicles have been around for so long now that most people don’t think twice when they see a Prius. In fact most people probably don’t even pay close enough

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Oil Burners v. Petrol Burners

Is a diesel powered vehicle really all that?   The fuel used in diesel engines is often referred to as fuel oil. This is because it is a longer hydrocarbon

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CNG, We Should Have More of It

Gasoline is a pretty good fuel for running your car or truck but the problem is the volatility of the market. Prices are always marching higher. They fall a little