February 2015

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Modern Automotive Radio

In the past, the subject of car radio meant one thing, the device that played music for all the passengers to enjoy. If you think this is still the only

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The Basic Oil Change

No matter how great our modern cars and trucks get, the basic oil change will never go away. As long as we use internal combustion engines, the basic oil change

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Compounding the Solution

Any real motor-head out there has heard of compound turbos, and chances are most of them will think it’s a fantastic thing. If one turbo is good, two turbos is

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The Mythical Manual

Is the manual transmission dead? Only about 6% of new cars sold in the U.S. are thusly equipped. Back in the 1950’s after the automatic became optional on just about

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Four-Wheel Drive in the Snow

With slippery roads around us we must be careful when we travel by car. Nothing is worse than the problems slippery roads can cause. Getting stuck on a slick spot