July 2014

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Oil Burners v. Petrol Burners

Is a diesel powered vehicle really all that?   The fuel used in diesel engines is often referred to as fuel oil. This is because it is a longer hydrocarbon

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O2 for You

Oxygen sensors are by far one of the most important sensors used to control the engine. This sensor does just what the name implies, it senses oxygen but specifically it

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CNG, We Should Have More of It

Gasoline is a pretty good fuel for running your car or truck but the problem is the volatility of the market. Prices are always marching higher. They fall a little

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Be Nice to Your Mechanic

To help you understand a few things about your personal automotive technician A few things that everyone should remember when they take their car to the repair shop. This post

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The Jumping Off Point

This is the point where it either happens just as it should, doesn’t happen at all, or maybe just sort of happens in a way that is so insignificant it